Shark’s Rise by Angel Payne and Victoria Blue

Adult romance

To be released 31 December 2019

Abbi has been secluded to a safe house per Sebastien’s orders. He just wants to keep her safe with everything that’s been going on. Abbi however is distraught. She doesn’t like being away from her family, friends or business and she especially doesn’t like who is keeping her there. Add in that Sebastien doesn’t call often and visits even less and Abbi is upset. She is upset enough that she is making herself sick.

Abbi finally convinces Sebastien to bring her back to LA. She hopes things will be better there but he still plans to keep her safe and housebound. On top of that she isn’t feeling any better. She fights to get him to let her go work some. She fights to keep her health up and her business growing but an emergency happens towards the end that puts many things into perspective.

This is a cute book. It is number three in the series and does come to a resolution to Abbi and Sebastien’s fighting. His business problems from the past two books do not resolve in this book. I believe another trilogy is planned for Grant.

The story is pat and in some ways with the normal expected outcome. Of course, not sure I would read it if it didn’t have the HEA. I think the first two were better written. They included more of the outside stuff, not just what was going on with Abbi and Sebastien. A new character, Dori, was introduced in this book. She is an assistant to Abbi and I think she’s awesome.

Overall, the book is good but I would have loved to have seen more from Bas’ business problems throughout the whole story. There was stuff up until about halfway and then it dropped off.

I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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