Grants Heat by Angel Payne and Victoria Blue

Adult romance

Sebastien Shark has a world of problems at his feet. But this isn’t his story. This is the story of his best friend, Grant Twombley, and his sister-in-law, Rio Gibson.

Rio is in a bad place. She’s having fertility issues, money issues and her husband is working so much he is never home. Her best friend is hugely pregnant and her family lives on the other coast. The only friend she has to turn to is Grant.

Grant is a problem solver and wants to help fix Rio’s issues. But he has a problem of his own. He is falling for a married woman.

Grant tries to help and gets Rio’s husband a better job with better benefits at Sebastien’s building site. However, it goes to hell in a hand basket when there’s an accident. Grant steps in to try and help Rio cope. He is the only one able; she won’t let anyone else near her. Grant’s fascination with Rio gets more intense the more he helps her.


I loved Sebastien’s story but I think I’ll love Grant’s more. I was quite frustrated when seeing the crappy side of Sebastien in this story. He is out for himself and Abbi only. He doesn’t mind helping but when push comes to shove, he will pick himself and Abbi and forget the rest.

The ups and downs of this story had me laughing and crying. I was so mesmerized by their story that I couldn’t put it down, even when my eyes told me how tired I was. I definitely am in awe of what has transpired between Grant and Rio and cannot wait until I get my hands on the next story.

I’ve said it before but this is by far my favorite series published by Waterhouse. I hope that it continues with the third best friend after Grant’s story is done. Well done ladies!

A big thanks to Bare Naked Words for providing me with an ARC of this book.

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2 thoughts on “Grants Heat by Angel Payne and Victoria Blue

  1. Thank you very much for the shout for Grant & Rio! We truly appreciate it, since the book means a lot to us. Hope you love the story, and thank you again.


  2. Thank you so much for your review! So glad you loved it! XOXO


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