A War Of Hearts by Karen Lynn

Narrated by Claire Riley

Adult Romance

This story follows the toxic relationship of one woman, Kristen, her husband, Logan, and her boyfriend, Jake. It starts with Logan becoming to aggressive, leaving a mark on Kristen and her meeting Jake.


If not for the topic, I would think that this story was a middle school story. It is full of hormones, drama and impulsivity. Everything was urgent. Within a week of meeting Jake, Kristen moves in with him. Jake immediately wants Kristen to divorce and stop talking to Logan.

The concept of the book is not so bad but the follow through wasn’t the best. Jake, at first seemed ok but by the end, he was just as controlling as Logan.

I listened to it on audio and the reading was good. There were a few places where the narrator read the wrong pronunciation of a word but those are easily overlooked. My biggest problem with the reading was that there were big pauses in the reading, usually between chapters. These lags were excessive enough that I checked my device to see if it had shut off.

This is not a book I’d recommend for anyone. The other ratings that I saw on audible and Goodreads were good and it makes me question their judgements. To each their own, I suppose.

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