Where do you buy your books?

I used to go to the big book store chains for my books. You know the stores, millions of books with associates who know little about each genre. Stand in line for ten to twenty minutes, pay to have a discount card. I sometimes still go there for things I need now but I’ve moved online.

I will use Amazon now and then too but even there I have to pay for my prime membership and I have difficulty finding books I like.

Last summer, I found a few authors I love on Facebook. Their books are sold on LuvBooks.com. I ordered from them and was pleasantly surprised when I got extras with my order, every time. You are guaranteed to get some bookmarks but may even get some other goodies as well. My favorites include their pens, lip gloss or even extra books.

They even started a subscription box. With each box, you get three books (either personally signed by author or with signature plates to put in them) and some book related goodies. I’ve gotten special edition books, pre released copies of books, book sleeves, wine tumblers, a book themed calendar and lots of other stuff.

The first LuvBooks box last summer

These boxes come out four times a year. They are currently selling their next box with a Wet and Wild theme.

If you love romance and love to get free stuff with your orders, try them out.

Better yet, use my link and get an extra 10% off your purchase with coupon code LUVDAWN.


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