Love Struck by Nikki Ashton

Love Struck

by Nikki Ashton

(book 2 in the Maddison High School series)

Genre: Contemporary Romance 



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She’s the girl he wants but can’t keep

He’d shown me that I did hold some light in my life. I wasn’t all misery and darkness, there was sunshine in there too.

Life for survivor Sarah Danes has finally started to brighten. After opening up and trusting the bad boy bully of Maddison High, love is beginning to touch parts of her life she’d thought long dead. Until the blackest part of her life returns and betrayal burns her again.

I couldn’t help but fear that one day she’d realise that I was no good for her

Adam has yearned for his dad all his life but having him back means he might have to give up the person who helped bring the light into his darkened existence. Life has been cruel, and it seems fate isn’t done with him yet.

Girl meets boy

Girl loves boy.

Boy loves girl

And we all know that love never lasts…

Love Struck a story of betrayal, pain and heartbreak. A story where love and hate are one of the same

This book is based in a British high school and may contain triggers with mentions of suicide, rape and violence. There are also some scenes of bullying

Hate Struck

Series: Madison High School Book 1

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