Misadventures Of A Biker by Scott Hildreth

The two main characters could not be more opposite of each other if they tried. Devin is a biker, fresh out of jail and in desperate need of a job. If he doesn’t find one, he’s going to have problems with his parole officer. Teddi is a realtor who focuses on selling seven and eight figure houses. To do that, she walks and talks the part.

When Devin is hired at the real estate office as a secretary, Teddi is out of the office. Teddi tries to avoid Devin as much as possible at the office because he sparks her libido and she’s not going down that path again with an employee.

Devin is just trying to do a good job and get by until his release from the parole officer. Teddi desperately needs to sell an eyesore of a home or risks losing her first house ever. With his background in construction and his connections, Devin jumps in to help.


It’s been quite a while since I’ve ridden a motorcycle. This book brought back the allure though. I love how Mr. Hildreth kept up the sexy persona of a book biker.

The story line? One word, fabulous. I had reservations that a man would be able to write a romance novel well. I should not have had doubts. If the good folks at Waterhouse Press thought he was good enough to publish, I should have had faith.

Because he is a man, Mr. Hildreth was able to write more from the male perspective. I know women writers do this too but I found it more authentic. While reading the book, I didn’t put much thought into who wrote it but there was definitely a different feel for the male voice. (As a side note, I love how Devin is portrayed as a fixer and his sensitive side is shown that way.)

Teddi’s voice was authentic too. I’m not sure if he had a consult or was able to create her all of his own but Mr. Hildreth pulled Teddi off perfectly.

I do have to say that the ending had me going. I expect a HEA in most of the books I read. This one though, you aren’t quite sure which way it’s going to go until you get there. You’ll have to read the book to know the ending but you will not be disappointed.

Final Note: Apparently, Mr. Hildreth was a biker released from prison. His wife was similar to Teddi. Could this story have been based off his own life? Perhaps. Or maybe he had just enough background from his own story to write something different and sound authentic. Either way, I’ll be looking into more of his books. He may be one of my new favorite authors.

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