Stepbrother by Stacy McWilliams

Young adult/adult romance, to be released 30 May 2020

Bailey’s mom marries Cooper’s dad. Cooper is mean and nasty to her when she moves in. As time progresses, Cooper admits his feelings for Bailey and they begin a relationship (in secret.) Cooper, however, runs hot and cold with his affection. He fights wanting her because his dad is on to them and wants to put a stop to their relationship.

On top of Bailey and Cooper’s back and forth relationship, there are other problems going on. Coopers dad borders on abuse in the name of being strict. Bailey’s real dad wants nothing to do with her. Bailey’s mom is denying the existence of her brother who died. Bailey feels alone throughout most of the book.


The writing style of this book is captivating. I found myself drawn to the story throughout the day when I had to do this thing called “work.” I enjoyed reading the story and think it would be suitable for a mature teen (and obviously adults.) The book does have some sexual situations in it but not so much that its an adult romance. Most of the story is set in high school, with a little bit in college and beyond.

This book is marked a dark romance. There are multiple places in the story where I found myself wanting to yell at Bailey for not calling the cops on her abusive stepfather or other characters. The book was a constant roller coaster with ups and downs. Just as the characters would settle, some other subplot would come along and shake up their lives.

The story is written in Bailey’s point of view but there are some bonus chapters at the end in Cooper’s point of view. There will be a sequel. I plan on reading that even though I was a bit put off with the constant high school like drama. As I said, the story is very well written.

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