Kind of a Big Deal by Shannon Hale

Young adult, to be released 25 August 2020

Josie dropped out of high school to go after an acting career in NYC. It turns out that her acting skills were not as good as she thought. So she becomes a nanny to Mia and moves to Montana.
In Montana, while out with Mia, Josie stumbles upon a bookstore. When she reads the book she picked up there, she finds herself literally in the story. The more books she reads, the more stories she lives in. But being in these stories does not make her real life problems go away. Josie needs to find a way to solve them and to stay in the normal world.
You are going to want to buy this book. Once you read the story, you will want to read it again and again. This book is so well written, with so much attention to detail, that upon the re-readings, you will find yourself having that “ah-ha” moment of understating as to why Ms. Hale included that little piece of the story. As I was finishing up this story, I was reminded about earlier parts that seemed like it was just a fun detail but in all actuality had a greater reason for being included.
What I loved most about the book, however, was not the little details but just the fluid way the story flowed. Ms. Hale is such a powerful storyteller that you can empathize with Josie. You feel as if you are in the stories with her.
I also enjoyed seeing the characters from Josie’s real life end up as the characters in the stories she read. As she read/lived the stories, Josie’s relationships with the characters changed. She became less self absorbed and was able to see the world from other peoples view points. As Josie matured/grew up in these scenes, she began to see what is truly important. This made all the difference at the end of the book.

Buy it here


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