Forever Your Duke by Erica Ridley

Historical Romance

Forever Your Duke: A Regency Christmas Romance (12 Dukes of Christmas) by [Erica Ridley]

This is book 12 in the series. It can be read alone but is best read in sequence.
Alexander, the Duke of Nottingvale, plans to choose a bride. He has invited some eligible young women, with chaperones of course, to his estate for a Christmas celebration. Among those women is Cynthia Louise.
Cynthia is beyond the age of marriage. (Gasp, she is 30.). It seems that Cynthia no longer follows societies rules since she is on the shelf. She is, though, the chaperone to her young cousin, Gertrude. Cynthia plans on making Gertie the perfect match for the Duke.
When Cynthia offers her help to find Vale (Nottingvale) a bride, emotions become blurred.
Yet another winner from Ms. Ridley. Cynthia has just the right mix of spunk and sincerity to make her a fun character. The stick stuck up Vale’s behind makes him a charming challenge. I love the fact that all of these young women come running to Vale’s estate, not for love but for title and he doesn’t find interest in any of them.
This book has a perfect blend of fun and historical propriety. While reading this, I questioned how I would have fared in that time. (I suspect I’m WAY too independent to have fared well.)
I cannot recommend this book, and series, highly enough to fans of historical romances. Ms. Ridley has quickly become one of my “one click” authors. Do yourself a favor and pick up this book.
Many thanks to Net Galley for providing me with an ARC of this book.

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