Kissed by Death by Holly Roberds

Adult Romance

Kissed by Death (Vegas Immortals: Death and the Last Vampire Book 2) by [Holly Roberds]

Everything is in turmoil in Vegas again. Amit has been kidnapped from Grim. Amit’s job is not one that can be left unattended. Grim must quickly find out who took Amit and get him back.
Meanwhile, Vivien is battling Grim’s supposed control over her. Though he has promised not to force her to do anything, she just does not believe him. She must also aid in the search of Amit and try to avoid a group of angry gods who have no use for her.
Holly is not my favorite author for any other reason than the way she writes a captivating story. I found myself consumed by this book and was able to devour it much quicker than any other book in recent past. The only advice I’d give her is minor. I would suggest titling each chapter with the character who’s perspective that chapter was written in. (After a paragraph, you are able to see but I personally like it at the beginning. Anyway, that is my humble opinion.)
I would highly recommend you read book one before this one. These are not stand alone books. Also, check out her other series. It too is fabulous!
Many thanks to Holly Roberds for providing me with an ARC of this book. For those of you who love to stalk authors, Holly has an awesome group going on in Facebook, Holly’s Hellions and even does Tarot readings live for her fans. Check it out, you’ll be glad you did and you may just get written into the story like I did 🙂

Buy it here

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