Bad Moon Rising by Zoe Forward

Adult Romance

Bad Moon Rising by [Zoe Forward]

In this new series by Zoe Forward, Nova enters the story remembering nothing about herself. She does know that she must find the man in the picture on her phone and get him out of the night club. Roman, the man from the night club, is highly suspicious of Nova. He’s also attracted to her. However, his job prevents him from having a personal life and he simply cannot become entangled with her. Nova knows no one else and clings to him while she regains bits of information about herself and her abilities. Together, they end up seeking out how what happened to her all the while trying to keep them both safe and alive from an unknown enemy.
This book is an absolute must read for any fans of the Jason Bourne series who also happen to love paranormal. The story was right up my alley. From start to finish, I was completely immersed in what was happening. There were several parts that made me do a double take to see if that really happened. I cannot recommend this book enough. Run, go get this book. You can thank me later.
Many thanks to Net Galley for providing me with an ARC of this novel.

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