Escape the Light by A.R. Thomas

Adult Romance

Escape The Light by [A. R. Thomas]

Model, Zara, has a dark and secretive background. Her best friend, Oscar, knows nothing about it, only that she doesn’t share. While he is taking her home one day, she falls asleep in the car. When she awakes, he is gone and she is at some strange place. Getting out to find him, she finds herself in a mysterious club. When she realizes she shouldn’t be there, she retreats and heads to the car. Only she is stopped by a mysterious and foreboding man. He will not let her leave and takes her to his office to wait on Oscar. When Oscar arrives in poor shape, Zara freaks out and leaves with him. The problem is that the mysterious man has become interested in Zara.
This book is fabulous from the word go. Throughout the story, the reader is left to guess what happened in Zara’s past. The attraction between Zara and Callan (mysterious man) is completely palpable. A.R. Thomas is a complete genius when it comes to writing. This book is a book that will have you devouring it way faster than normal and still thinking about it long after you have finished.
Many thanks to Bare Naked Words for providing me with an ARC of this book.

Buy it here

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