Born in Darkness by Amy McKinley

Dark Romance

Born in Darkness: A Second Chance Mafia Romance (Mafia Elite Book 3) by [Amy McKinley]

As a survivor of sex trafficking, all Emiliana wants to do is get on with her life and move forward with the only man she has ever wanted, Stefano. Stefano is the son of a ruthless mafia boss and wants to get out from under his thumb. With attempts on Emiliana and her friends, and Stefano’s dad wanting him away from Emiliana, they must figure out what is going on and who is responsible.
This is a great series. I would highly suggest you start at book one and work your way through. The series is dark and covers topics that may make the faint of heart squirm. However, the way the story is written is fabulous and intriguing. The author has a back and forth between past and present day where the characters are remembering what had happened. This, above all else, shows the steady interest of Emiliana and Stefano to each other. I highly recommend this book.

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