Holidays, Inc by Rachelle Paige Campbell

Adult Romance

Being a failure isn’t easy. Returning home is harder.
Paul returns home to New Hope, Wisconsin after his friend burns him at work. He is quite bitter and when he sees his dad’s old movie theater turned into a dinner theater, he is not too pleasant with the new owner.
Dani’s poured her heart and soul into her dinner theater idea. She wants to put on shows revolving around the holidays. This is after some heartbreak of her own with the hopes that the theater will validate her. Hiring Paul to help her has its problems but she needs him, and he needs her.
This book is about validation. Both Paul and Dani need validation for their lives which they can only give each other.
While I enjoyed the story and would recommend to friends, it was a bit slow for me. This is definitely a slow build, innocent romance. The scenes are kept PG. Weeks pass between chapters so that a lot of time has passed over the whole book. Personally, I am used to more fast paced, know every detail of the day books.
I am hoping that this book is the beginning of a series. It definitely left room for a sequel with Paul’s twin sister and his best friend. We were also left hanging with the new hire at the end of the book.
This book would be ideal for a winter read in front of an open fire. It is for those folks who love Hallmark movies as well.
Many thanks to Net Galley for providing me with an ARC of this book.

Buy it here

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