Hot For You by Marie Harte

Adult Romance

Hot for You: A Steamy Second-Chance Firefighter Romance (Turn Up the Heat Book 3) by [Marie Harte]

Reggie is a firefighter who happens to meet a precocious little girl while doing a talk at the local library. Fast forward a day or two and he is on the scene when her mom is clipped by a car trying to save a dog. Reggie cannot get Maggie, the mom, out of his mind so he goes to visit her at the hospital. From there, the two dance around each other trying to get to know the other and while trying not to get too deep too fast with the little girl involved.
Holy hot mess batman! This book is absolutely fabulous. I went in and was expecting a sweet character out of Maggie but boy did she turn vixen when the scenes got hot. Listening to the audiobook version, the narrator portrayed the sweetest little voice possible for the mom but then BAM! I was completely shocked by the words coming out of her mouth. It was so good. I totally did not see that coming.
I have to say that my favorite part was the running joke of the daughter. She, in all innocence, asked a question way too advanced for her little ears. That question kept coming up over and over again. It was perfect.
This book is part of a series but the first one I have read. I had no problems following along. I will be going back and putting the first two on my TBR (which is massive at this point.) I’ve definitely found a new author to follow.
Many thanks to Net Galley for providing me with an ARC of this audiobook.

Buy it here

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