Review of Not The Witch You Wed by April Asher

Paranormal Romance

Not the Witch You Wed (Supernatural Singles Book 1) by [April Asher]

Lincoln abandoned Violet when they were teenagers. With him showing up everywhere she turns, her anger and hurt resurface. Both of them are in a predicament where they need to get married, at least until they can figure out a way out of those laws. So when Lincoln proposes they “date,” Violet is not quite sure about it but does agree. As they “date,” Violet’s magic is finally coming in but her feelings for Lincoln are coming back full force. She has to decide whether or not she can trust him.
Yes, yes and yes! This book is phenomenal. From a magicless witch to an shifter Alpha, this book is a recipe for success. The two MCs find themselves in many hilarious situations and the romantic tension is high throughout. This book, though somewhat long, is a fast read. Best yet is that it has the promise of more to come in the series. Paranormal romance fans will flock to get this book.
Many thanks to Net Galley and St. Martins Press for providing me with an ARC of this book.

Buy it here

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