Review of Secrets and Truths by Whitney Hill

Paranormal Romance

Lya is a half elf who has been banished for silly reasons. Cade is a vampire on his own in a town with a nest. When they meet, both are pulled to the other and begin a romance. Lya is a bounty hunter who has been promised a big payday for her latest hunt. Cade quickly becomes entangled in the hunt.
If you follow my reviews, you know I love paranormal. Vampires are a favorite of mine. I’m not too fond of elves but this book had me intrigued. What had me even more interested is that it is set in my home state of North Carolina.
I did have to search more words than I normally do but they were paranormal words specific to the elves and vampire. That just amounted to me knowing more vocabulary within the paranormal world.
The story was interesting and the plot twist was jaw dropping. With this being book one in the series, I am excitedly looking forward to book 2. As I was searching up this book, I saw that Whitney Hill has another paranormal series that I will need to check out.
Many thanks to Net Galley and to Benu Media for providing me with an ARC of this book.

Buy it here

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