Review of Leave Me Breathless by Carrie Elks

Adult Romance


Nicole caught her boyfriend with another woman and needs a break. Gabe is her brother’s best friend and offers to let her stay with him for a while. When Nicole gets to town, a handsome man hits on her. Gabe does not like this man and does everything to keep them apart.
Elks knows how to write a small town romance well. It was endearing how quickly Nicole was able to work her way into the lives of the people of Winterville. The suspense of will they/won’t they with Gabe and Nicole was palpable and I just couldn’t help but cheer them on. Perhaps I’m a bit impatient with them but it was obvious from the get go these two were meant for each other. Gabe was quite noble for a time resisting because he is her brother’s best friend. This romance, and the series, is heartwarming and a great read for a night to cuddle up in a chair with a blanket and read from beginning to end.
Many thanks to Bare Naked Words for providing me with an ARC of this book.

it here

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