Review of Demon Hunting with a Southern Sheriff by Lexi George

Adult Romance/Sci Fi and Fantasy

Set in Alabama, Sheriff Dev Whitsun is pretty busy hunting down the culprits of a supernatural murder. While Dev is a super, a large part of his community is not. He must hide their existence but needs the help of Arta, a demon hunter (who is also a super.) After he deputizes her, Dev’s inner wolf realizes that she is his mate, and wolves mate for life. Problems arise when she only wants one thing out of him.
This is the first book I’ve read in the series. If you are new to this series, I highly advise you to go back and start with book 1 (Demon Hunting In Dixie.) I was a bit lost, through my own fault, at parts throughout the book. The book is littered with multitudes of supernaturals and their names are quite interesting to keep apart.
When you get down to the meat and bones of the story, though, it was a good tale. The intro, which was a flashback, had me so enraptured that I did not want to put the story down. This book has a lot of characters and smaller plots going on so be ready to get your mind a bit twisted as you are trying to figure out what happened.
Many thanks to Net Galley for providing me with an ARC of this book.

Buy it here

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