Review of Wildseed Witch by Marti Dumas

Children’s Novel

Hasani is into make up and her YouTube channel. She really wants to grow her channel and have a lot of followers. She also wants her parents back together again. When her dad picks her up and mentions his girlfriend, Hasani gets angry and weird things start to happen. The next morning, at home with her mom, a visitor arrives and informs Hasani that she is a witch and gives her an invitation to a magical summer camp.
There Hasani wants to make friends but her uncontrolled magic works against her. When one of her followers goes missing, Hasani must enlist some of the other girls to help.
This book is great for upper elementary/lower middle school. With the promise of more to come, this book will be a hit for the younger reader. The story uses current slang and what children are interested in to captivate. The plot of the story is interesting with quite a few dilemmas going on at the same time. Had I read this book at a young age, I would have abandoned all outside distractions in order to finish it. (As it were, with me being an adult, I only did what I had to and then focused on finishing the book.)
Many thanks to Net Galley and ABRAMS Kids for providing me with an ARC of this book.

Buy it here

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