Review of Drinking Deep by Dylann Crush

Contemporary Romance

Drinking Deep: A Small Town One Night Stand Boss Romance (Whiskey Wars Book 1) by [Dylann Crush]

With a new series out by Dylann Crush, I knew that I’d be stuck in some corner reading it through until the end.
Cole and Danica have a one night stand. When she shows up at his family’s distillery, hired by his nemesis, Cole is not sure he can trust her. When his nemesis goes out of town, Cole is force to play nice with Danica but his body just can’t help reacting to her presence.
Danica needs this job desperately. She was unfairly fired from her last job and this one can help her on her way to getting more companies to hire her. When she sees Cole, she is not sure if she can pull this off professionally. Every time he is near, her body reacts to his.
I think one of my favorite things from this book is the last name Devine. Being born with that name, I love to see it in print but rarely get to, so here is a nod to Dylann Crush for using my last name (whether or not it was intentional.)
Now the story was pretty good. I will say that I recently read a series about a whiskey distillery business so I thought that this might be a repeat of it. I was so wrong that I would have gone broke had I bet on it.
This book is true Crush style, full of fun, tension and laughs. I look forward to the rest of the series.
Many thanks to the woman herself, Dylann Crush, for providing me with an ARC of this book.

Buy it here

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