Review of The Wolf’s Shadow by Cecilia Dominic

Paranormal Romance

The Wolf's Shadow: An Urban Fantasy Thriller (Lycanthropy Files Book 1) by [Cecilia Dominic, Holly Atkinson]

Joanie has just lost her lab to a fire, her job because of the fire and her boyfriend (who happened to be her boss.) When she realizes she has inherited her grandfather’s estate, she moves in there. Once there, in the small town, Joanie notices a lot of strange things happening. For one, there are a lot of local children that have gone missing. For another, people are having strange reactions to catching CLS, a lycanthropy disease. Being a researcher, Joanie sets about trying to see what is going on with the disease while helping her friend, Lonna, try to figure out what has happened to the missing children.
This is not your average paranormal story. I love to read author’s different interpretations on the paranormal. In this set, the existence of a disease is well known but people turning into werewolves from it is not. This interpretation definitely had me intrigued. The author does a great job of keeping parts of the story mysterious and keeping the reader interested. With new developments peppered throughout the story, this book is not one to miss.

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