Review of Moon Over Hanks Hollow by Rachelle Kampen

Young adult, paranormal

Pack life is hard. It is twice as hard for Rosie. She is the first ever female werewolf, and a witch. When she was born, many thought she should have been killed but that was not her fate. As she comes into the age of being treated as a full member of the pack, other werewolves are not too certain about her place in their world. She is also having typical teenage angst problems that do not help the situation.
Its true that I am a sucker for paranormal. I just love to read author’s different takes on what we all have some conception of. This one is truly interesting (and infuriating) as women have no place in their pack. (Read it and find out how they continue the lines, you’ll be quite mad.) Kampen did offer some hope with Rosie’s existence but with the cliffhanger ending, it is uncertain if more calamity will befall her.
The style of writing is smooth. With short chapters, you don’t realize that you have been reading for over an hour because it is so easy to become engrossed in the book. With the cliffhanger, I cannot wait to see what happens next.
Many thanks to Net Galley and Victory Editing for providing me with an ARC of this book.

Buy it here

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