Review of Loner by Ginger Scott

Young Adult

It is hard for Lily to go back to school after her best friend, Anika, died. Making it harder is the fact that Lily is rooming with Anika’s two best friends and Anika’s brother, Theo, is also at school. Lily has always been a bit of a loner but Anika had brought her out of that. Now, with Anika’s death plaguing her, Lily wants to retreat to her old ways. However, she keeps running into Theo, who is none too happy with her. Lily wants to avoid him but she also has had a crush on him for years.
Switching back and forth between Lily and Theo’s points of view, the reader has insight into their feelings over Anika’s death. Though most of the story focuses on Lily’s point of view, the insight into what Theo was thinking enhances it. The reader gets to experience a flood of emotions through both character’s points of view.
The plot of the story is fabulous. There is just enough angst to keep the flow going (especially in the side story lines.) There could be another story written just about the side lines to fill a few more books.
This is the first book in the series. No announcement has been made about when the next books are coming out but if they are anything like this one, the whole series will be a big hit.
I am new to Ginger Scott books but after browsing her Goodreads profile, I see that I am missing out. I plan to jump into more of her other series. I found this book consuming and hope that is indicitive of all of her books.
Many thanks to Wordsmith Publicity for providing me with an ARC of this book.

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