Review of Some Kind of Love by Anna Bloom

Adult Romance

Some Kind of Love: A Second Chance Romance by [Anna Bloom]

What started as a first love in high school ended abruptly when Freddy told Amber to go on to college. Broken hearted, Amber left. After ten years, she returns because her mother is in poor health. Immediately Freddy shows up searching her out. Unfortunately, Amber is married, has brought Isaac with her and does not want to see Freddy.
I’m going to state right now that I have claimed Freddy as my book boyfriend first. All the rest of you can go find someone else. He is quite a catch with how his world revolves around his lady (Amber.)
Amber, on the other hand, is free to let my book boyfriend go. Her character is great, I’d just rather step in.
The story is all about misunderstandings and how the characters work through them. I’m sure we all have some in our lives and we could take a page from them and try to work them out.
Many thanks to Bare Naked Words for providing me with an ARC of this book.

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