Review of Embers of You by Imogen Wells

Adult Romance

Embers of You: Silverbell Shore Novel by [Imogen  Wells]

Kennedy ran from home six years ago. Something has brought her back but the home she once knew is different.
Asher was left behind in the dust. He has stayed and made a career as a firefighter. He is surprised when Kennedy returns and wants to settle what happened between them.
Rivaling the anger Kennedy has, there is something strange going on in town and it has to do with Titan Industries.
This is part of a multi-author series. I believe this one should be read first. Unfortunately, I read Careless Whispers first and knew a bit about what was going on in this book before I got into it.
I did enjoy the book and it had an interesting plot line. I think my favorite part was that Asher is Kennedy’s brother’s best friend.
This book is a great read for a rainy Saturday afternoon. I was able to breeze through it, even though it is a bit long. The story flows like condensation off of a Dr. Pepper can in the heat of summer. I could not veer away from it.
Many thanks to Bare Naked Words for providing me with an ARC of this book.

Buy it here

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