Review of Crossed by Lynn Rush

Young Adult

Crossed (Winged Book 1) by [Lynn Rush]

When Trinity is walking around the streets in a town in Minnesota blind and confused, Jayden finds her and takes her in. Her eye sight gradually comes back to her but her memory is still elusive. Jayden, an artist, tries to help her find out who she is and what happened. Trinity helps Jayden with his artistic block. There is just something strange about the scars on her back.
I have looked forward to this book for quite a while. The premise of the book is a bit pat but the story itself is fascinating. I think the drama caused by Jayden’s girlfriend will be perfect for the young adult reader. The draw to each other will also give that reader a thrill.
This book is the first in a new trilogy called Winged. I happened to have been a beta reader for the second book (without reading the first book beforehand.) Together, the books make a great combo and I cannot wait for the third to come out.
Many thanks to Lynn Rush and Net Galley for providing me with an ARC of this book.

Buy it here

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