Review of Habit by Ginger Scott

Young Adult Romance

Habit: A forbidden love boarding school romance (The Boys of Welles Book 3) by [Ginger Scott]

Morgan is a TikTok star and the daughter of a wealthy man. James is the son of a hardworking but middle class family. When his dad moves to Welles to become the football coach, all eyes are on James who wants to be QB1. When James sets his eyes on Morgan, not everyone is pleased and that rocks the boat between the two of them.
This is a typical rich girl/poor boy story, a Cinderella in reverse. What makes this story unique is the power plays that Morgan’s dad plays and how she realizes she can use it to her favor.
I would not recommend this book to younger readers as it has some sexual scenes in it. For the older reader, the book is a good read and completes the series nicely.

Buy it here

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