Stepsister by Stacy McWilliams

Romance, to be released 30 August 2020

This is the second story in the set. This story picks up where Stepbrother left off except it is shown through Coopers viewpoint.

Battling with himself over being coerced to marry a girl he doesn’t love, Cooper finally decides to call the wedding off. His dad (and her dad too) is royally pissed and threatens Cooper. Cooper holds his own though and races home to catch Bailey before she moves to Paris.

When he gets back, she’s gone. Distraught, Cooper downsides and tries to figure out how to get her back. Bailey, however, finds a new man in Paris and has moved on.

Throughout the story, two bombs are dropped. The first has to do with Bailey and her new man. The second has to do with Bailey and Cooper. Cooper has to learn to adjust to a new life without Bailey and with these two bombs in play.


What a mess, right? Step siblings falling in love with each other and parents trying to keep them apart. I love the drama of it all! From the overly vilified parents, to the ever perfect Bailey, to the f*ck up Cooper, this book has it all.

I recommend you read the first book before diving into this one. You will want to read this one after Stepbrother though. I personally would love to hear Coopers brothers story and maybe some more about the parents. As is though, this is a great set to read.

Many thanks to Bare Naked Words for providing me with an ARC of this book.

Buy it here


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