Review of Misadventures With a Duke by Angel Payne

Adult Romance

Misadventures with a Duke by [Angel Payne]

Bastien is given the title of Duke right before the French Revolution. With his life in danger, his servant helps him escape and he time travels to modern day New York City. There, he meets Raegan, who could be a twin of his love from home.
Bastien does not understand modern day at all and ends up pulling some stunts that get him noticed. Raegan and her friend must rescue him and help him hide. In the process, Raegan falls for him.
If you have not read the Misadventures books, you truly should. The series is written by a variety of romance authors. The books are mostly stand alone, though some do have connections to others. I have not read a bad Misadventures book and actively seek them out when I am book shopping. They are all well worth the read.
This book in particular is pretty interesting. The concept of time travel is fascinating and tying it into his lover enhances the interest. There were a few parts that I was a bit confused over because of my lack of history knowledge. (Lets just say that history was never my strong suit.) Did that confusion make a big difference in the enjoyment of the story? No, it did not. If you are history blind, like me, you can read the book and be just fine.
One plus to this book is that is shares a situation and some characters from Misadventures With a Time Traveler, also by Angel Payne. You do not have to read the Time Traveler first. If you plan to read them both, I would advise you to read it first because the second will have some spoilers.
Many thanks to Bare Naked Words and Angel Payne for providing me with an ARC of this book.

Buy it here

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