Review of One Savage Knight by Holly Roberds

Paranormal Romance

Betsy is a nurse at a questionable hospital. She treats patients but doesn’t have much information on them. When something happens at the hospital, she is left in a room with a patient who happens to be chained to the wall. Needing to escape but not wanting to leave the patient, Betsy frees Leonidas. Together, they try to find the evil monster responsible for what is going on.
I have to admit that I am a bit biased when it comes to Holly Roberds. I am part of her street team on Facebook and follow her on TikTok as well. She does so many fun things for her readers that I’d probably follow her even if I didn’t like her books. (Lets be honest though, her books should be considered essential reading for any paranormal fan. They are just that good.)
This book is the first in a sister series to her Five Orders series. Quite frankly, I found myself laughing out loud throughout the whole book. When I wasn’t laughing, I was gripping my phone (I read an e-book) wanting to know what happens next. This book is downright fabulous. If you enjoy paranormal romance, add this book to your list.
It is not a requisite to read her other books first. However, they may give you some insight while reading this one.
I’d like to throw out a HUGE thanks to Holly Roberds for providing me with an ARC of this book. I look forward to many more in this series and others.

Buy it here

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