Review of It Was All The Cat’s Fault by Elizabeth SaFleur

Romantic Comedy

Eve is trying to do it all on her own. She’s in college, working two jobs and renovating her house. When Thor, her cat, gets stuck in the wall in the middle of the night, she calls an emergency home repair company. When Brent show up, Eve can’t help but notice him.
This is a true laugh out loud romantic comedy. Throughout the whole book, Eve would end up in the strangest and funniest positions. Add in that she’s sabotaging herself in relationships and this book is a sure winner.
It is the second in a series with more to come out. Check out It Was All The Pie’s Fault, whether before or after you read this one. This is a wonderful, lighthearted series.
Many thanks to Bare Naked Words for providing me with an ARC of this book.

Buy it here

1 thought on “Review of It Was All The Cat’s Fault by Elizabeth SaFleur

  1. Thank you sooo much! I’m thrilled it made you laugh. xo


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