Smash It by Francina Simone

Young adult, to be released 22 September 2020

Olivia (Liv) has two best friends, Drè and Eli. They’ve been best friends forever. Liv also has feelings for them that goes beyond friendship, but she’s not sure who she likes more. Add in another guy, who asks her out, a set of new friends from the musical she performing in, a list of things Liv wants to do and all kinds of family drama from Liv, Drè and Eli and this book is packed with teenager drama.
What a great book this is from start to finish! I was completely consumed by it and finished it in a hurry just to know what was next. This book is all about Liv finding herself and redeeming herself when she messes up along the way. We have all been there.
Liv is such a great character. She carries herself well and (sometimes after some internal debate) apologizes when she was wrong.
Fair warning, there is some language and (mild) sex in the book so if that’s not what you like, don’t read this book. However, this book is way more than those parts and they in no way detract from it.
Many thanks to Net Galley for providing me with an ARC of this book.

Buy it here


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