Follow Me Darkly by Helen Hardt

Adult Romance

Skye is a control freak, works for a social influencer as her photographer and is aspiring to more in her life. When Braden walks into her bosses office, sparks fly.
Braden asks her out and is quite blunt about what he wants from her. She wants the same thing but can’t give up control. When her boss finds out about them going out, things become problematic.
This is the first book in quite a while that I’ve read in book form. I usually read ebooks. Reading this in book form reminded me of how awesome it is (and how quickly I read.). For those of you, who like me like to read ebooks, do yourself a favor and pick this up in the real book. It is well worth the price.
I quite enjoyed the characters. Skye and Braden both came from humble beginnings. Braden made a fortune though but he still enjoys the things from his childhood. Because of this, I found them both relatable. Addie, Skye’s boss, is a total bitch though. She has old money and seems to have been based off of Paris Hilton. This makes her a great character to hate.
I feel for Skye as she is quickly swept up into a world she didn’t understand, the world of the rich. She does her best to survive and has her best friend Tessa to help her.
There is a secret between Braden and Addie that threatens Skye and Braden’s relationship. We find out what it is at the end but it was not what I expected. I was quite convinced it was something more domestic.
Of course this book ends in a cliffhanger where Skye has just learned what happened. We still have a few other things to find out too, like who is posting negative comments to Skye. I truly cannot wait for the next book.

Buy it here

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