Surf Sisters Secrets by Karen Proudlove


Release Date: 28th March
Genre: Seaside Town Romance. Standalone

Available now at Amazon:

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Twenty-five-year old Molly, is the Archer family princess and working hard to win the
lifestyle she “deserves,” the problem with this – she needs to find a man rich enough to keep

her in luxury handbags and designer shoes.

Everything is going to plan until she makes a decision that ruins her perfect reputation, and
she has no choice but to run and hide. In a last-ditch attempt to salvage some self-worth she
turns to the only person who can help, her sister Tessa. With an unfamiliar nervousness,
Molly lands in the middle of her sister’s beautiful life in St. Ives, Cornwall, praying that she
can forgive the years of torment she caused her growing up and give her a place of refuge.
With a group of crazy pensioners known as the Coastal Cahoots Club firmly in Tessa’s
corner, it’s not only her sister she has to win over. Add in a sexy surfer who’s determined to
get under her skin, a dishonourable ex and plenty of hilarious misunderstandings, Molly has

got her hard work cut out for her.

Surf Sisters Secrets is the perfect read about self-discovery and opening your heart to new
beginnings, because sometimes, changing your life plan can lead you to dreams you didn’t

know you had.

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